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This site allows you to request a refill of a prescription originally dispensed by a pharmacy in Ontario; and which has refills remaining and can be refilled by law. Your request for a prescription refill will be transmitted to Village Pharmacy Lakefield LTD. Once we receive the request it will be handled in the same manner as all refill requests, at all times being subject to the dispensing pharmacist’s professional judgement and responsibilities.

By entering the prescription information, you have consented to a pharmacist at Village Pharmacy Lakefield LTD having access to your personal health information. If you are requesting a refill for another person, your entering their prescription number and birth date is deemed evidence of your authority to request such prescription refill.

The information provided by you on this web site is the minimum amount of personal information necessary to identify the prescription and the client and to process the refill request. In order to properly dispense a prescription and for the client’s health and safety, the pharmacy or the client may have to contact the physician (or the prescribing professional) to discuss the refill request and the client’s medication history and medical conditions. In the course of such discussions the client’s personal health information may be disclosed. The receipt of a refill request shall be deemed consent to such disclosure and use of the client’s personal information.

If the client has health insurance coverage for his/her prescriptions, information about the prescription will be transferred to such health insurer and they may have access to the client’s personal health information in order to properly process the benefits. The client’s consent to this disclosure of personal health information to such health insurer is deemed by the request for payment or reimbursement for the prescription to such health insurer and/or the provision of the details of the client’s health insurance.

Please note that as with all technologies, there may be interruptions or technical failures. Village Pharmacy Lakefield LTD expressly denies any liability for technical failures, incomplete, scrambled or delayed transmissions and/or technical inaccuracies.

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